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Marbella Events & Entertainment



Our sound technician will be responsible for setting up the sound system for your wedding, including everything you need: wireless microphones, portable Line Array speakers, mixer, etc; as well as playing the chosen songs during the ceremony.



A very pleasant moment where the guests relax and take pictures. Our team will be responsible for or setting up the sound system for the venue with loudspeakers creating the perfect stereo. Our DJ interacts with the guests playing a session such as Bossa Nova-Jazz, Chill out, Deep House... Of course, at this moment we can include the live saxophone of Anthony Jimenez accompanied by the DJ.

Wedding banquet


As in the cocktail, a sound system will be set up with the best stereo for the banquet. We can also add decorative wireless RGB led lighting all over the place creating the best atmosphere. Our DJ is in charge of the music and we can count on the session of Anthony Jimenez and/or any other musician (violinist or vocalist) to liven up the evening.


Show & entertainment

The most memorable moment where the energy of the guests and the music team is at its highest. Undoubtedly, the show of Anthony with his saxophone intervenes during several sets distributed along the party time in addition to the maximum implication of the DJ with the guests. In this last part of the wedding, we will include the biggest sound system, LED lights, Dj Booth with truss towers covered in lycra panels illuminated from inside, creating the warmest atmosphere; always going along with the nuptial trends. Also, it could be included a fog machine, decorative wireless LED lights distributed over the dance floor, moving head projectors, etc. 

Dj Booth Premium
Dj Booth Elite
Dj Booth White Gold
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Custom DJ
Marbella Events Team
Marbella Events Team
Marbella Events Team
Marbella Events Team