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The Best Saxophonist
for your Event

Anthony Jiménez

About me

Saxophonist & Producer.

He began his musical life studying piano, later as a saxophonist in the conservatory Manuel Carra and High Conservatory of Music of Málaga.

Anthony has studied with teachers like Joaquim Iglesias, Rafael Diaz, Ernesto Aurignac ...

He has performed in various and recognized places like Starlite Festival, Nikki Beach Marbella, Olivia Valere, Funky Budhha Banús, World Tangiers (Morocco), National Day Gibraltar, Sunborn,  etc ...

Nowadays Anthony Jiménez is the conductor of a programme at Beachgrooves Radio as DJ and saxophonist.

In 2018, he got the first and unique Swarovski Sax in Spain, a long-awaited moment for him. Also, he started his own entertainment company Marbella Events & Entertainment, with the vision of having the best services of musicians, performers, event decor and event planning so the client does have a unified and complete service. 

What best describes Anthony Jiménez's shows, with no doubt, is that he always gives a unique, different and special touch to his performances.

My videos

See more videos on my youtube channel.

My Music

Original music and remixes by Anthony Jiménez